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10 Reasons You SHOULD Be Using A Body Powder

Posted by Steven McInnis on
10 Reasons You SHOULD Be Using A Body Powder

1. Moisture Control: This is a no brainer! Body powder helps absorb excess moisture. This is key to help keep your skin dry and prevent chafing. Think of it this way: Sweaty? Body powder! Or as we like to say, DUST up.

2. Friction Reduction: Are you a golfer? Do you struggle with what Caddy's refer to as Caddy A$$? Use a body powder to reduce friction between skin surfaces, minimizing discomfort and irritation. Gents, are you looking for a great gift for a friend? A body powder for men is just what every guy needs in their day bag or golf bag to stay fresh all day!

3. Odor Prevention: Use a body powder like MANDUST or LADYDUST to neutralize and/or prevent unpleasant odors, especially in areas prone to sweating.

4. Cooling Sensation: Are you a landscaper or someone who works outdoors in the heat? A body powder is a great way to provide a cooling sensation on those hot summer days. Maybe you're a skier or enjoy outdoor winter activities? A body powder is great to apply under base layers too!

5. Foot Care: This is a MUST! Sprinkle some body powder in your socks, boots, shoes, or whatever is going on your feet. This helps combat dampness and odor at the same time. You can also rub some on your feet directly before putting on socks.

6: Gentle Fragrance: Body powders can add a subtle scent, offering a light and pleasant fragrance without being overpowering. Are you looking to get that boss-lady in your lift the perfect gift? Check out our citrus infused scented body powder for women.

7. Skin Irritation Relief: A body powder made with quality ingredients can provide relief for irritated or itchy skin, soothing discomfort.

8. Mattifying Effect: Do you tend to sweat a little in the mornings getting the kids ready for school? A little body powder can go a long way for a pre-work refresh to help you freshen up and smell great. Body powder does this by absorbing excess oil, providing a matte finish. This can be super helpful for oily skin types.

9. Post-Workout Refresh: This can apply to anything that makes you sweat! Apply some body powder to those sweaty areas to keep you feeling fresh and comfortable.

10. Prevent Jock Itch & Athlete's Foot: If you are prone to fungai infections, regular use of a body powder can help keep these conditions at bay.

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