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Keep the Boys Fresh with MANDUST® – an all-natural, FOREST scented body powder for real men.

• talc free
• corn free
• 100% vegan
• gluten-free
• synthetic free
• cruelty-free

Ingredients: Arrowroot, White Kaolin Clay, Zinc Oxide, Essential Oils

Size: 100g

What Is MANDUST®? MANDUST® is a men's body powder designed to provide the boost you need to refresh your day! If you're anything like us, chaffing and skin irritation need a cool, all-natural solution. Tired of looking everywhere and finding the same old baby powders, we decided to create our own. In 2016, MANDUST® body powder was born to "KEEP THE BOYS FRESH."

How It Works: Our body powder is designed for everyone. Are you a blue-collar, steel-toe work-boot everyday kind of guy? Maybe you're the suit-and-tie office type? Perhaps you're a fitness instructor or athlete? Whatever your day brings, MANDUST® body powder will help keep you feeling fresh. Our carefully designed blend of Arrowroot powder, White Kaolin Clay, and Zinc Oxide absorb perspiration to prevent skin irritation, giving you that "fresh" feeling we all want daily. Make our awesome body powder part of your daily routine for all-day freshness.

Top Uses For MANDUST®:

    • "The 'Boys':" While this is part of our slogan, we understand some explanation may still be needed for some. Simply put, our body powder is perfect to help keep your balls/testicles/gonads/nuts/family jewels/privates/rocks/crown jewels/gems/stones, etc. FRESH! Sprinkle some MANDUST® in your underwear and notice the difference a premium body makes. Or, as we like to say, "towel dry and apply."
  • Your Feet: We can't stand sweaty feet. There are a few ways we've found work best for keeping your feet dry using our body powder. Here are just a few:

- Sprinkle some "dust" in your shoes or boots before you put them on.

- Turn your socks inside out and sprinkle some dust on the inner bottom layer of your sock. Carefully pinch the toe of your sock and pull back to the right way before sliding your foot into freshness! *This is our favorite method* Change your socks and reapply as needed throughout the day for optimal freshness.

- If you're fresh out of the shower you can also apply some MANDUST® to your palms and rub directly on your feet and in-between your toes. This is also a great tip if you are prone to athlete's foot or other foot fungus.

- Ready to get your slippers on for the night and get cozy? Don't forget a little sprinkle of dust to keep your slippers fresh. Our premium body powder ingredients can also help reduce odors in any type of footwear.

    • Your Butt/Thighs: Are you too familiar with the term "Caddy Ass?" Maybe you've heard of swamp ass or sweaty butt? If you've ever walked 18 holes on a hot, humid day then you know what we're talking about. You can either sprinkle some dust on the backside of your underwear or apply liberally before getting dressed by rubbing it into the skin with dry hands. Keep a tube of MANDUST® in your gym bag, golf bag, work locker, or anywhere convenient to reapply on those hot days.

Why MANDUST®? We truly believe MANDUST® is the top men's body powder on the market. It's simple: our body powder stands out as the best choice due to its premium ingredients which are all-natural and talc-free. Its fine and lightweight texture ensures easy application and even coverage. MANDUST® is a must-have addition to your daily grooming routine.